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What happened to FemGlide?

Why can't I find it?

Because we were the manufacturers of FemGlide personal lubricant, we have had a lot of calls and emails asking us about FemGlide. For those of you who are curious I would like to explain what happened to FemGlide. To do that I need to back up a little and explain Wallace-O'Farrell's relationship to FemGlide. In 1996 Cooper Surgical Inc. a leading women's medical device distributor, based in Trumbull, CT approached Wallace-O'Farrell inc. expressing an interest in our personal lubricant gel known as Slippery Stuff. They asked us to manufacture and bottle our formula (Slippery Stuff Gel) as a private label for their distribution and rebranded it as FemGlide. It was at that time that we entered into a contract with Cooper to do that. That is how FemGlide was developed. Both Slippery Stuff Gel Blue Label, and FemGlide were the exact same formula manufactured and bottled in exactly the same way at our plant in Puyallup, Wa. We manufactured and bottled FemGlide for Cooper Surgical's distribution for the next ten years. That agreement expired in 2007 and it was at that time that Wallace-O'Farrell Inc. and Cooper Surgical amicably decided not to continue with this arrangement. Wallace-O'Farrell tried to purchase the trademarked name "FemGlide" from Cooper, but we could not reach a mutual agreement on this. Subsequently FemGlide was taken off the market.

We have re-trademarked the brand and FemGlide is now available on our website in 4- oz and 16-oz sizes. We also still manufacture and bottle our original unique formula as Slippery Stuff Gel, Blue Label which is available in a wider variety of sizes. If you have any questions on this topic or any other, please contact me at